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Art Direction, Styling, Set decoration | Album Artwork

Dear Woodland Creatures photoshoot and album cover. Photography by Bryce Wilder-Denton

Dear Woodland Creatures is the witchy, psychedelic, experimental music project of singer/songwriter Joshua Washburn. His music brings together influences spanning traditional southern folk songs to meditative South and East Asian textural drones. 

His team brought me on to design the album cover and art direct the photoshoot for his sophomore album, Old Blood. Using natural props and materials like powdered charcoal, pig skulls, and a little dry ice, we were able to transform Georgia’s Arabia Mountain trail into a primordial doom-scape.

Old Blood is a pensive meditation on aging, death, and our human legacies. The album cover highlights the isolation and heaviness of those themes by inviting the listener to wade into a surreal swamp of apocalyptic isolation.